Tips to Growing Out Your Heat Damaged Hair (Without Giving Up Heat Tools!)

Looking good sometimes comes with a price. Sadly, our hair has to pay the price and undergo the stress and trauma of repeated exposure to heat styling tools such as blow dryers, flat ironers and curlers. If your hair is looking a little worse for wear, here’s how you can bring it back to life with a few simple tips!

1. Let it go

We hate to break it to you, but sometimes, you just got to let the damage go. Yes, it may be difficult to let go of a few inches but unless you cut off your split ends, they’ll likely continue to split up the hair shaft and cause even more breakage. You don’t have to go crazy with your haircut! A few inches will do wonders for your hair and will remove any unwanted damaged ends.

2. Don’t over-wash

You’ve probably heard your lola or yaya tell you before that frequent shampooing helps your hair grow longer and healthier but this isn’t true! In fact, regularly shampooing your hair strips it of natural oils, causing it to become even more dry and brittle. If you’re in the process of rehabilitating your hair, try to reduce the amount of times you wash your hair to a maximum of three times a week.

3. Use a heat protecting serum

After you’ve taken all the time to rehab your hair, you’ll want to keep it healthy. Your daily blow drying and flat iron usage adds severe trauma to your already damaged hair. With most heat styling tools go up to an insane at 200°C or more, this could lead to additional dehydration, rapid water loss, and protein damage in your hair. Whoa! We know how hard it is to avoid styling tools, especially to achieve those cute looks. It’s a good thing you don’t have to! Just remember to use a good heat protectant before grabbing your blow dryer or flat iron to protect your hair from the harmful effects of curling, ironing, or blow drying

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